High Speed Education and the Internet

As a parent you want your child to have ever advantage they need to succeed. You want to put them in the best position financially, educationally, mentally, emotionally and physically, and you want them to take advantage of the opportunities that you give them. Your parents taught you how to be tough, how to roll with the punches, how to be open-minded, and how to recreate yourself to match with the changing times, and now it’s your turn to impart values into your child that will get them ready for their world, one wrought with uncertainty and challenge.The key to preparation is education, and in a world mediated by technology, education means gaining access to resources and publications through the Web. The question of the Internet can be like a Rorschach test for families — is it the gateway to opportunity, knowledge and success, or is it a fearful place full of predators and unseemly video footage? The truth is that the Internet is both. As a parent it is vital to examine both sides of this learning tool to know just what you are offering to your child.First, let it be known unequivocally that the Internet is here to stay. With the advantages presented by high speed and the ability for the business, education and public sectors to communicate, market, and distribute information at unprecedented speeds, the Internet has solidified its footing as a permanent technology. Knowing how to present your child with the educational opportunities afforded by this online resource is your job as a provider.Most parents don’t know the best research databases and online catalogs, and few feel comfortable using search engines. Even if you are a computer literate parent your best bet as a provider is to visit your local library and speak with an Internet or “search” specialist at their information desk. Librarians are not only trained in locating print sources, but since 1990, have been required by most colleges to study online databases and search techniques. Come home to your child with a list of search engines they may use to research books and homework topics and be prepared to sit with them as they look through the sites. You may not hold the key to this online resource as a technology, but you can still be a supportive parent by being with your child when they have questions about what and when to study.The Internet excels as an arena for sharing ideas and information because of its liberal and efficient nature. Anyone with access to a computer and a modem can post (nearly) whatever they want on a webpage. This allows for tremendous access to ideas and opinions but also serves as a staging ground for potentially unseemly viewing and reading for your child. To ensure that your child sees only appropriate material, make sure your child is viewing material that is only screened through parental control settings. If you have a computer at home, access your computer’s Internet preferences to block categories of websites that you find unacceptable. If you do not have a computer or at home, or if your computer does not permit the “block” setting, have your child access the Web through the local library. Most library computers come set with parentally controlled website preferences and are under constant surveillance by the librarians.As a parent, you know that the Internet affords excellent opportunities for your child’s educational success. Ensure their achievement by utilizing your library’s resources and your parental common sense, and keep your child on the path to achievement.

All About PMP Certification and Training

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is sponsored by the Project Management Institute (PMI), who develops the requirements. It is an exam that deals with the project management field.Anyone taking the PMP exam for certification will find resource procurement, project charger, general project management, project quality, project integration, cost management, risk, scope, time and other related items featured. Those who want to take this exam apply and must go through training that will prepare them for the certification exam. When a person is certified they are trained as a project management professional and agree to work by a certain code of conduct as well as demonstrating an understanding of the field. A successful PMP certification means the individual will work professionally, fulfilling all field requirements and treat the customer well.When preparing for the PMP certification exam there are other things to consider aside from the training. A person preparing for the ecam needs to know the formulas of the trade include Earned Values and PERT. It is a good idea to practice these formulas to be completely ready. It is helpful to answer the project management body of knowledge, also known as PMBOK, though first. It is important to know you won’t get marked off if you don’t answer a question so answer all the questions you are confidence you know. You can even take practice exams to help you completely prepare for the exam and experience.Then if you have time go back over the test and answer any blank questions by making an educated guess. You have studied and trained so you might know the answer. Don’t waste time thinking about a question you aren’t sure about because the test is timed. A good project manager will have a variety of skills so apply all your abilities possible to the test. It is a good idea to read each question carefully. Some of the information in a question might not be important to the answer. Now each question just has one right answer and it should be clear what is correct. Again it is vital to answer the questions according to your PMP training and not what you have learned outside of the training, such as with your other work experience. They are testing your PMP skills primarily.Once you take the test it will be evaluated to determine if you have learned all the PMP skills needed. Following the review you will learn if you have earned your PMP certification.

Education and Network Marketing Companies

Although network marketing companies all work under the same premise, people discover many unique purposes. This type of company is a business distribution model, meaning a parent multi-level marketing company can market products to the consumer through direct selling and referral relationships. Marketing companies such as these are on the rise, proving to be very beneficial for all types of industries, including education. The salespeople are not paid and are known as distributors. These individuals work by representing the parent company for a commission, based on the volume of a product and/or service sold.With network marketing companies, the distributors work independently to develop an organization of their own. This is typically achieved by buying direct from the parent company and by building a strong customer base. In fact, distributors can also recruit, allowing other distributors to build their own customer base and earn commissions. Obviously, the more effort used, the more successful an individual can be.Some network marketing companies advertise a number of training and educational options, such as success mastery training. Online, visitors can choose from a wide range of forms to help with the design of business. Other benefits include a module to help individuals get started, an advanced leadership course-which helps you build a lasting and successful business-and even the opportunity to create a unique website. There are also training options such as classroom sessions, documentaries, motivational speaking, and much more to choose from. These services offer the necessary education and motivation for self-starters across the nation to begin developing their own businesses.