All About PMP Certification and Training

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is sponsored by the Project Management Institute (PMI), who develops the requirements. It is an exam that deals with the project management field.Anyone taking the PMP exam for certification will find resource procurement, project charger, general project management, project quality, project integration, cost management, risk, scope, time and other related items featured. Those who want to take this exam apply and must go through training that will prepare them for the certification exam. When a person is certified they are trained as a project management professional and agree to work by a certain code of conduct as well as demonstrating an understanding of the field. A successful PMP certification means the individual will work professionally, fulfilling all field requirements and treat the customer well.When preparing for the PMP certification exam there are other things to consider aside from the training. A person preparing for the ecam needs to know the formulas of the trade include Earned Values and PERT. It is a good idea to practice these formulas to be completely ready. It is helpful to answer the project management body of knowledge, also known as PMBOK, though first. It is important to know you won’t get marked off if you don’t answer a question so answer all the questions you are confidence you know. You can even take practice exams to help you completely prepare for the exam and experience.Then if you have time go back over the test and answer any blank questions by making an educated guess. You have studied and trained so you might know the answer. Don’t waste time thinking about a question you aren’t sure about because the test is timed. A good project manager will have a variety of skills so apply all your abilities possible to the test. It is a good idea to read each question carefully. Some of the information in a question might not be important to the answer. Now each question just has one right answer and it should be clear what is correct. Again it is vital to answer the questions according to your PMP training and not what you have learned outside of the training, such as with your other work experience. They are testing your PMP skills primarily.Once you take the test it will be evaluated to determine if you have learned all the PMP skills needed. Following the review you will learn if you have earned your PMP certification.